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Rules & Agreements

The present Agreement regulates all matters concerning cooperation and business relationships that arise or may arise between the Company and the Client during provision of services to the Clients.

General Provisions

Any person who has reached the age of majority, regardless of their country of residence, social status and religion has the right to become a Company’s Client.

The Clients do not need to provide any identity documents, or documents that contain personal information.

By registering on the Website, each Client accepts all the conditions of the present Agreement in its entirety, without any exception. If the Client disagrees with any of the provisions of the present Agreement, the Client may not use provided services.

Any changes, additions or corrections that may be made in the Agreement shall come into force on the date such changes, additions or corrections are actually introduced by the Company in the text of the Agreement.

Rights & Obligations

The Client may make use of all the Website features, carry out investment activities, conduct financial transactions, receive profit on their active deposits, and receive referral commissions under the conditions of the Affiliate Program.

The Client is obliged to provide current and complete information about himself during registration Email will be used in case the Client lose a password.

The Client undertakes to notify the Company in case of any changes in the information about himself when registering.

The Client is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the password and account, and is fully responsible for all activities that occur under such password or account.

The Client undertakes not to use SPAM techniques against all the participants in the investment process.

The Client undertakes to show loyalty to the Company as an equal Party under the Agreement, as well as exercise objectivity, tolerance and moral balance in respect of the Company and other clients. The Client agrees to settle any disputes exclusively through negotiation, using the communication channels and feedback forms provided on the Website.

The Company is obliged to provide a well-functioning and smoothly running Website within the technical possibilities to the Client throughout the duration of present Agreement.

The Company is obliged to indefinitely keep confidential any personal information provided by the Client during registration and in the course of further cooperation between the Parties in strict compliance with the Privacy Policy, even after termination of present Agreement.

The Company is committed to ensure the safety of investors’ funds and to make payments on time in the framework of partnership and investment proposals. The Company may at any time change the terms and conditions of the Affiliate Program without prior notice.

The Company may amend any provision of present Agreement at any time and without prior notice to the Client if such amendments are guided by the interests of the majority of the Company’s investors and by business considerations regarding the Company as a whole.


The company is not liable for any damage caused to the client, if the actions of the company have been caused by force majeure, including, but not limited to, natural disasters, acts of war, strikes, wars or any infringement of normal communications or infrastructure.

The Company shall not be liable for any losses, direct or indirect damages, or other negative circumstances resulting from failure in electronic payment systems used by the Client in the course of carrying out financial transactions.

The Company shall not be liable for wrong payment information provided by the Client intentionally or unintentionally during registration.

The Company is not responsible for personal information leakage if the Client accidentally or intentionally has provided access to their account to third parties.