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We are the only and trusted company in the world - who have insured all of your crypto investments!

At Limited. the safety of clients’ funds is our first priority.

Main Reasons:

  • is the only crypto-trading company who stores client’s assets with an insured qualified custodian at no extra cost. The insurance policy covers losses of up to $1B and is provided by Alpha Crypto Insurance company.
  • deploys state-of-the-art security, including 24/7 fraud monitoring and customer support, as well as Cryptocurrency Security Standard Level 3, among other measures, to ensure the ultimate safety of clients’ funds.

The $1 billion policy covers digital assets where the private keys are held 100% by Company in the event of:

  • Third-party hacks, copying, or theft of private keys
  • Insider theft or dishonest acts by employees or executives
  • Loss of keys

How well are your digital assets covered?

In the event of a theft or direct loss of property, how would an insurance payout be distributed?

Alpha Crypto Insurance will make best efforts to distribute insurance recoveries across all clients who have suffered losses. In the event that total losses exceed insurance recoveries this does not change Alpha Crypto Insurance legal obligations outlined in customer agreements.

Who Provides the Insurance for the Funds?

Cold storage Wallets are provided by the leader in multi-signature encryption technology Alpha Crypto Insurance. These custodial assets are covered for up to $1,000,000,000.00 by the UK-based insurance company Alpha Crypto Insurance with its syndicate of underwriters which act under its umbrella. And this premium service comes in at no additional cost.

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$1 BILLION (USD) for digital assets

Deposit Protection

Guarantees crypto deposits against the loss of funds in the event of a failure of a protected business.

Theft Cover

Insurance protection for cryptocurrency, against theft of funds from an online digital wallet.

Insurance Provided By

A syndicate of Insurers in the Alpha Crypto Insurance of UK and European Marketplace. Certificates of Insurance evidencing coverage are available upon request.

Fund Recovery

Absolute certainty cryptocurrency funds will be fully recovered in the event of lost access.


There is no additional cost to Company or cryptos-profit.comLimited will pay any and all deductibles.